All proceeds received are used for the animal shelter, food, medical care, and emergency medical expenditure.

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Food and treatment of one animal at our Rescue Home for a sponsorship of Rs.1000 each month

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Rescue: Rs.1000

Sterilisation & Vaccination

Sponsor Animal Birth Control (ABC) and Anti-Rabies (AR) vaccination of stray dogs & cats*

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Male Dog – Rs.1200
Female Dog – Rs.1800
Cat – Rs.2000

*Inclusive of surgery & post-op care

Celebrate an Occasion

Celebrate a special occasion like a birthday, anniversary, etc with your animal friends at the Emergency Rescue Home. You could donate money, food and clothing to the animals, and spend some quality time with them.

You will get a special mention in our Monthly Newsletter, along with your picture taken at our shelter, for donations of Rs.10,000 and above.


We have created a wish list for PFA on Amazon, listing all the items that we require at our emergency rescue home.

You can contribute towards any product that you’d like to order for us, and the order would directly be delivered to our rescue home at Afzalgunj.

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Every rupee you donate makes a difference!

Donate to your heart’s desire and help us continue our lifesaving work.  

All donations are tax-deductible