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We request all the Good Samaritans visiting this page to contribute whatever amount you can on a monthly basis towards the treatment and well-being of the animals at PFA emergency rescue home.
Even a monthly donation of Rs. 500 or 1000 from your end on a regular basis would make a huge difference to the lives of numerous animals, and would help us take up more rescues, more cruelty cases and would ease the suffering of lot more animals.

Please call us on 9177229087 to register yourself as a regular contributor and be an angel for the voiceless!


People for animals is India’s largest voluntary, non-profit animal welfare organization with focus on working for Animal welfare and Animal rights enforcement. Upholding the animal laws of our country is our primary objective.


To be the ANIMAL ADVOCATE, relentless in our pursuit of justice for our animal friends.


Animals have the right to a pain-free and happy life. They have equal rights on the resources of this planet and deserve a life of dignity and compassion. Animal abuse is not acceptable. Violators of animal rights are not to be spared.


  • A world where all animals can wake up every morning with joy in their eyes and hope in their hearts
  • A world where animals are not treated like machinery to generate income but as co-passengers in the journey of life
  • A world where animals are not abused in the name of entertainment or science
  • A world where animals are not allowed to live only to be turned into food.
  • A world where social sanction would deter violations of animal rights.
  • A world where animals and environment are understood and accepted as being an intrinsic link of the chain of life on planet Earth

Mrs. Vasanthi Vadi, Founder Secretary and Dr. Lakshmi Ramana, Joint Secretary of PFA on TV5’s Life is Beautiful

To reach out to more animals and to extend our help to them, we depend on kind and animal loving individuals.



Volunteer with us. Give animals your time and love. It is priceless. Take care of animals near your home, prevent cruelty towards them or be part of a campaign. Contact us if you need assistance.



Life memberships give us the much needed support in building our reserve fund, which is used to take up more projects, or used in case of emergencies. Members can be proud that they are contributing to a worthy cause.


PFA intervenes as an animal advocate in the interest of the animal. We use “Sama Bheda Dandopayam”, i.e. techniques to pacify, portray, teach what may happen and punish the offenders, in that order.



We at PFA Hyderabad are planning to expand our care on a larger scale through construction of a permanent shelter for sick, injured, abused, and homeless animals in about 2-3 acres of land, ideally within 20-25 kms radius from the city. We are a non profit organisation and rely entirely on gracious donations made by animal lovers such as yourselves. We solicit your kind donation in our sincere endeavour to make the animal shelter a reality as quickly as possible.




Cruelty Complaints


Apr-Sep 2018



Cockfighting is a blood sport in which razor-sharp blades are tied to the claws of two roosters. They are then made to fight each other to death while people place bets on them. In addition to cruelty to animals, cockfighting is often linked to other crimes, such as illegal gambling, robbery, drug use or selling, and even murder. The cockfighting betting ring in Andhra Pradesh often runs into crores. Children are often present at cockfights, and exposure to such violence can promote insensitivity to suffering and an enthusiasm for bloodshed. Say no to this cruel and illegal sport, call the helpline 07674922044 if you witness cockfights.


On the 4th of June, Team PFA rescued 87 camels being illegally transported to Hyderabad for meat. About 90% of the camels were sick from dehydration, malnutrition and maggot-infested injuries. An FIR was lodged against the camel handlers and after a brief legal battle, the court granted custody of these animals to PFA. Arrangements are underway for transporting them back to Rajasthan.



  • Animal Abuse Madhavarpuri Colony

Animal abuse – Madhavarpuri colony

January 18th, 2017|0 Comments

Rajeev Choudhary, who owns a kirana shop at Madhavarpuri colony, and his friends beat a puppy to death brutally with bricks and sticks. PFA Hyderabad has registered a case against the offenders under section 11 [...]

Stolen dogs rescued from hut dwellers

January 16th, 2017|0 Comments

PFA Hyderabad team, along with Hayathnagar police, rescued eight stolen dogs including rottweilers, dachshunds and German shepherds from hut dwellers near Ramoji Film city. Upon receiving a complaint from volunteers, PFA conducted a raid on [...]

Say No To Manja

January 12th, 2017|0 Comments

As Sankranti is approaching, there is an important issue that needs your attention. Do you like flying kites? Yes I'm sure that you do. But please understand the facts associated with the use of the [...]

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