Say No To Manja

//Say No To Manja

As Sankranti is approaching, there is an important issue that needs your attention. Do you like flying kites? Yes I’m sure that you do. But please understand the facts associated with the use of the deadly manja thread and make a conscious choice.

As you know, manja used for flying kites is often gummed and coated with powdered and finely crushed glass, metal or other sharp materials. This manja is deadly for thousands of pigeons, crows, owls, endangered vultures and other birds who are wounded or killed when they become entangled in the strings. The bigger the bird, the more are the chances of getting a severe injury. Many a time, the entire wing ends up coming off and then the bird is never able to fly again. Not only on these special days, the lives of birds are at risk because of the dreaded manja that, getting entangled in the trees, sticks there for months and injures birds which build their nests in them.

Manja has also injured and killed many people, including children. It also damages transmission lines and causes power failures. Despite the ban on this dangerous product, the markets are seen flooded with it.

So let’s all take an oath today to not harm the lives of other creatures in the name of sport and opt for the relatively less harmful regular thread for flying kites during Sankranti, the festival of harvest! #saynotomanja#deadlymanja #sankranti