All Categories of Memberships are considered to be active working members of People for Animals. They can be contacted in case of any help required for animal welfare.

The following memberships are available:

Student Membership


validity: 1 year


Annual Membership


validity: 1 year


Life Membership


validity: Lifetime


Life memberships give us much needed support in building our reserve fund. This fund is used to take up new projects or used in case of emergencies. Consider a life membership, contribute to the animal cause.

NOTE: Membership Cards and Kit will reach to the members in 20-25 days.

Get animals in your community sterilized


If you are an animal lover who also takes care of stray animals in your locality, or you know someone who does, please register to obtain the Community Animal Protector (CAP) ID card. The ID card helps alleviate harassment faced by animal lovers from the general public, when they try to feed canines on the road. This applies to anyone who voluntarily cares for strays – dog feeders and colony caretakers who tend to animals in their locality.


Other ways you can get involved

Become a crusader for animal rights.

Feed homeless dogs, cats, and birds. You can rescue sick, injured or diseased animals in distress, and get them treated with the help of a local veterinarian in your area.

Strictly avoid plastic bags and littering. Plastic takes hundreds of years to degrade, and ingestion is toxic and fatal for cows and buffaloes.

Protect and plant trees. They not only help nature, but are also a natural habitat for birds. It helps them nest safely away from predators. This ensures the continuity of their species and counters their dwindling numbers.

Be a champion for animal causes.

All you have to do is decide to be one. Report animal cruelty, or homeless animals in distress. Become a vegetarian or a vegan. We can give you complete guidance and make you part of our huge support group. Never visit circuses which mete out untold cruelty and harassment to animals.

Campaign for animal causes

Join People for Animals Hyderabad, and help us conduct awareness camps and inspiring talks in schools, colleges and other institutions. You can also talk about animal issues in your own community, and create awareness among the residents on how to handle homeless animals in a humane manner.