The PFA  emergency rescue home in Afzalgunj houses several abandoned, sick, and injured animals on their road to recovery. We are equipped with a well trained medical team headed by qualified veterinarians and highly experienced para vets. The hospital remains open 24×7 and responds to round-the-clock emergencies. Please visit us sometime. We will be glad to show you around!

We now have an Avian Ward and an Adoption/Permanent Ward for disabled Animals at the Emergency Rescue Home.



We run a rescue ambulance to collect sick, diseased and injured animals, and bring them to the PFA emergency rescue home. Provision for night ambulance is available for emergency cases.


We have necessary equipment for surgeries and emergencies.


We regularly conduct adoption camps, and perform Animal Birth Control and Anti-Rabies procedures upon request, at a nominal fee.


Male Dog – Rs.1200
Female Dog – Rs.1800
Cat – Rs.2000

The charges are inclusive of surgery and post operative care (Transportation charges extra)

The present circumstances of sick, injured and homeless animals is truly heart-rendering.

You can help us change this by giving them a new environment and a fresh lease of life. We are striving to create a peaceful co-existence of humans and other species of animals.


What We Need & Why

All the animals in our emergency rescue home were rescued from terrible conditions. Some were injured and others just abandoned. However, our emergency rescue home presently constitutes of merely 400 square yards of area, because of which we plan to build an additional shelter in the next few months to expand our care to lot more animals in need.

We are looking for donations of land in an extent of about two or three acres, preferably within a 20 kilometre radius from the city. Contact us at info@pfahyd.org to make monetary or land donations or to provide us with assistance in this aspect.

Highlights of the project

  • Lots of open space, plenty of greenery and fresh air.
  • Enclosures with open spaces for puppies kittens, cats and dogs.
  • Enclosures for large animals.
  • Separate enclosures for sick, injured, diseased, and distressed animals.
  • Enclosures for abandoned pets, with a planned rehoming program.
  • Enclosures with trees for recovering birds.
  • Round-the-clock animal caretakers, with a dedicated clinic.
  • An operation theatre with the latest surgical equipment.
  • Quarantine, treatment and recovery wards
  • Facility for birth-control for animals.
  • Round-the-clock large rescue ambulance.
  • An auditorium for meetings, awareness campaigns, inspirational talks, to air videos and presentations for animal lovers, volunteers, and general public, and consult with animal welfare and rights programs and activities.
  • A store with all the merchandise, pet supplies and medicines.
  • Office area for staff including 24-hour care givers with housing.


The shelter is expected to cost about Rs.95 lakhs. We appeal to you to help us in this mission.