Lucy – Abandoned GSD

//Lucy – Abandoned GSD

It pains us to see cases of extreme pet neglect, especially with senior dogs.

Lucy, an 8 year old GSD has faced severe neglect for the last three years. Never dewormed or vaccinated. No baths or walks whatsoever, tick infestation beyond a shelter volunteer’s worst nightmare.

Lucy’s owner abandoned her when she developed paralysis of hind legs due to tick fever, and we brought her over to PFA rescue home. She was friendly but extremely depressed, and used to cry all day waiting for her owner to return.

Her x-ray shows that she has spondylitis on every vertebra of her spinal column, but the silver lining is that she would be able to walk on her own in around 2 months if she receives good nutrition and regular physiotherapy.

Lucy has a fighting spirit, and she has been trying to walk on her two legs, sit up and explore her surroundings. We’re very moved and are trying to get a wheel cart fabricated for her. We have in mind a wheel cart made of PVC pipes.

But to make this happen, we need someone who can devote their time and energy, nurture her and help her heal. We’re looking for a foster angel who can take her in, motivate her, help her walk around in her cart, and carry out regular easy physiotherapy sessions that would surely lead to faster recovery.

Please help us raise funds for her food, medication and supplements.

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