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Welfare Event: Gitanjali Devashray School

People for Animals Hyderabad was invited over to Gitanjali Devashray school today on the occasion of 'Pet Day', to speak to the children regarding raising awareness on various aspects of animal welfare. The children were [...]

Lucy – Abandoned GSD

It pains us to see cases of extreme pet neglect, especially with senior dogs. Lucy, an 8 year old GSD has faced severe neglect for the last three years. Never dewormed or vaccinated. No baths [...]

Donation Request

We request everyone to donate unused bedding, towels, clothes, which make the animals’ stay a little easier. Pet supplies such as treats, toys, and comforts also assist the staff in interacting with the animals which [...]

T-shirts from human tees

Our prized patron Manjira Sen has figured out a way of creating t-shirts for dogs out of human tees, so as to avoid usage of e-collars, which make the animals uncomfortable. This is particularly useful [...]

10th World Rabies Day

A milestone in rabies prevention! On the occasion of the 10th World Rabies Day, the National Veterinary Foundation (NVF) carried out a vaccination drive at PFA Emergency Rescue Home, and also vaccinated around 100 dogs [...]

Thanking our caretakers

We would like to take a moment to thank our caretakers, who show tremendous dedication, time and efforts towards the sick and injured animals at our rescue home. It is not an easy job, as [...]

Team IndiGo Visit

We would like to thank team IndiGo for gracing us with their presence and their kind donation of kibble and medicines for the animals. It was a blissful day for everyone, and the animals at [...]

Laura Noelle – Paws Chicago

We would like to thank our Good Samaritan Laura Noelle, an active volunteer of Paws Chicago, for her visit to PFA rescue home. It was a pleasure to have her over and the animals were [...]

Birthday Celebrations at PFA

Our prized patron Shashi Preetam celebrated his birthday at PFA rescue home today. The animals were elated to see him, and he was delighted to be with them as well! We thank him on behalf of all [...]

Nag Panchami

Snakes are protected under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 and their capture, display and transport is illegal. Telangana Forest Department in association with PFA Hyderabad and other NGOs, conducted mobile surveillance on August 7, [...]

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