Jamuna Circus – Animal Rescue

//Jamuna Circus – Animal Rescue

People for Animals Hyderabad led the rescue of all animals from Jamuna circus, including 1 elephant, 8 dogs, 7 pups, 5 exotic birds and 6 geese. FIAPO (Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations) facilitated the operation under its ‘End Circus Suffering’ programme. Blue Cross of Hyderabad has taken up the rehabilitation of the animals.

Dattatreya Joshi, Executive Officer, PFA Hyderabad, led the 20 day long operation to secure the safe release of animals from the abusive circus. In his capacity as the Honorary Animal Welfare officer with the AWBI, Mr. Joshi conducted a thorough inspection of the circus and all the animals in its camp at Mehboobnagar. What he found during the inspection was shocking reminder of the abysmal conditions in which circuses keep their animals.

PFA Hyderabad immediately lodged an FIR based on the inspection report, and urged the police and the local court to confiscate the animals. After hearing PFA’s arguments and looking at the report, CJM Shad Nagar, ordered that the animals be moved from the circus and rehabilitated. This is only the second judgment in the country ordering rehab of all animals from a circus, the first one being from Moonlight circus in April 2015.

“The present rescue comes as a welcome relief to all animals at Jamuna circus. It is also validation of the fact that the judiciary is able to look through the misleading veil that circuses cast to exploit the loopholes in the law and continue to ill-treat animals. We also thank SP mehoobnagar Mr. Vishwaprasad, who enabled the rescue.” said Vasanti Vadi, Honorary Founding Secretary, PFA Hyderabad.