Operation Karuna moves to its final phase!

/, Operation Karuna/Operation Karuna moves to its final phase!

With collaborative efforts from Bharatiya Pranimitra Sangh, GHSPCA and volunteers, PFA has started the process of moving the camels home. After an 8 hour long effort of loading the camels into 21 trucks using a crane and a JCB, the journey to PFA Sirohi has finally begun today. They would be back to Rajasthan, back to the soft sands and back to the weather that they love!

For this success, on behalf of every camel that is going home; we would like to thank each and every donor for empathizing and supporting the cause. Our special thanks to the SP of Vikarabad, Ranga Reddy District, Hiten Shah of Kutchi Mitra Mandal, Manav mitra, volunteers of Muthi Bhar Anaj and the Jain Samaj of Hyderabad, Secunderabad and Bolaram. We would like to thank our team comprising of Mr. Dattatraya Joshi from PFA Hyderabad, Jasraj ji from Bharatiya Pranimitra Sangh, Dr. Chaitanya; Mr. Surendra Bhandari, Mr Dinesh Jain, Mr. Amit Jain and Soudharm Bhandari from GHSPCA, who have accompanied the camels to ensure safe passage to Rajasthan. Finally, a big thanks to the caregivers Suneel, Shiva, Chagan Lal and Bhagawan Das who have tirelessly been nurturing the extremely sick and weak camels.

Heartwarming rescues such as this reinforce our faith in humanity and makes more determined to carry forward this fight for animal rights in India.

Our vision: A world where social sanction would deter violations of animal rights, where animals and environment are understood and accepted as being an intrinsic link of the chain of life.