SAM Circus Rescue

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In a 2 week long collaborative effort, Animal Protection Organisations in Andhra Pradesh secured freedom for all animals in the possession of SAM Circus camped in the West Godavari District. The circus had also not registered an elephant with the Central Zoo Authority (CZA), and was holding the animal illegally.

PFA Hyderabad led the on ground rescue operation. In addition to the elephant, 1 camel, 2 horses, 2 goats, 5 dogs, 3 puppies 1 bullock were freed from a life of torture in the process. All animals except the elephant have been rehabilitated by Blue Cross of Hyderabad. The elephant has been moved to the Wildlife SOS Elephant Care Center in Mathura, where she is undergoing treatment and care.

The rescue was made possible as a result of the Animal Welfare Board of India withdrawing regulatory clearances to the circus. It was a joint effort of animal protection organisations PFA Hyderabad, Blue Cross of Hyderabad, Wildlife SOS, Animal Protection Organsiation Kakinada, Jeevraksha Sangham Rajahmundri, SPCA shelter Kakinada, Honorary Animal Welfare Officer Vijay Kishore, PFA Uttarakhand and FIAPO. A blind and old elephant named Paru was rescued from SAM Circus.